Hello! And welcome.

So nice to have you here.
This is a little place I like to call my online home: a space to share thoughts and ideas and news.

My name is Bridget McNulty, and I’m a writer, a speaker, a content strategist and a mom. Also a Type 1 diabetic, which ties into all of the above. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, with my lovely husband and two (mostly lovely) small children, and I use this space to write about things I find inspiring, ideas for healthy living, and the grand adventure of being a mom. Oh yes. It is an adventure.

If you’re interested in my writing work, please check out the Publications page, which has my published books and magazines. If you’d like me to speak to your company – about living an inspiring life, health and chronic illness, or parenting – please use the Contact page. A snippet of what I do when I’m on stage is coming soon… If you’re looking for a content strategist to help your company find their voice, have a look at my Content Strategy page. And if you just want to know what’s on my mind, head over to the Blog page and let’s chat.
Thanks for popping round!

Psst! Here’s an interview that tells a little of my diabetes story, if you’re interested. You can see my interview on Afternoon Express (all about diabetes) here.