The joy of public speaking

I’ve always loved speaking in front of an audience. As a child, I think this is because I was inherently a show-off (when I wasn’t curled up somewhere with a book) and telling stories about my experiences has always been one of my favourite things to do.

Only now, it’s the grown-up version…

My brother-in-law Chris is a trend forecaster (could he be any more cool if he tried?) and when I told him last year that I wanted to get involved in professional public speaking, he said we needed to brainstorm what my ‘hooks’ would be: the subjects I’m most excited about and where I feel I have the most to offer.

The result? Inspiring Health Mom. He said that pretty much encapsulates me at the moment. (I agreed.)
There’s the inspiring angle, where I really believe in ticking things off my bucket list and helping others do the same (writing a novel with Now Novel, travelling the world, living your best life one slice of joy at a time).
There’s the health angle, where I strongly advocate living a healthy, happy life with diabetes. I try to spread diabetes awareness through Diabetic South Africans, through Sweet Life and in my daily life.
And there’s the mom angle, because – don’t look now! – being a mom takes up a lot of my energy every day. And I’ve learnt so much from becoming a parent: about myself and what I believe and what I think life is all about…

I did my first professional talk on my 10-year diabetes anniversary, and you can check out a few highlights from it as well as the info on my other talks on my Speaking page.

Here’s to doing what makes our hearts sing!

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