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Content Strategy

No matter how great your idea is, it can be difficult to put it into words so that others connect with it and understand how special it is. Especially if words aren’t your forte.

Making ideas clear

It can be even more difficult to be heard above the noise of a million new websites, products, apps and services – all vying to be the absolute best. I am passionate about communicating ideas in an accessible and delightful way. About cutting through the noise. So much of the words we read today are unnecessarily complicated, and I take great joy in writing and editing words to make them speak as clearly as possible.

Helping companies find their voice

One of the things I really love doing – and that I’m really good at – is helping companies find their voice. That’s essentially what content strategy is: creating the right content in the right voice to satisfy the needs of your customers. Working with them to create a language for their website, a style guide, an in-depth content strategy and the actual words (web copy and content) that make a website sing.

Past experience

I’ve worked with a range of different brands, from Hetzner (web hosting) to Pick n Pay (food and lifestyle), Stock2Shop (e-commerce) to Sweet Life (health), Nubabi (kids) to Now Novel (novel-writing). The one thread throughout all my work is that I help brands to find a meaningful voice.

Creating impact with Treeshake

Treeshake is the marketing consultancy for change makers. We combine social media, behavioural science and storytelling to create impact. As Creative Director, I’m part of the strategy team, and also conduct in-person and online training for those looking to take their brands to the next level, and create meaningful campaigns for change. Find out more about Treeshake’s inspiring work here.

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