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Strange Nervous Laughter

Strange Nervous Laughter

Look at me – 15 years ago and 2 weeks away from a diabetes diagnosis… Those cheekbones! That unhealthy manic glint in the eye (not pictured)…

In the 15 years since I published my novel, Strange Nervous Laughter, I had read it once – until last week. I realized it was time to read it again because I blushed when a friend asked about it. The last time I had read it, I was in my early 30s (maybe?) and found the magical realism very strange… This time? I *loved* it. It was delightful! A joy from start to finish.

Partly because so much time has passed that I’d forgotten whole sections while still – curiously – remembering certain paragraphs off by heart. Partly (mainly) because it’s a love song to Durban and my 25-year-old self. Friends, I was *adorable*.

I am so delighted by this love song to everything I was at that age. A lot of it still rings true…

On the equal and opposite end, I realized this weekend that I have read no less than 3 books this year because someone said I should. And I’m calling that behaviour – no more diligent obligatory reading! Life is too short. (See? I do listen @shivaniranchod 😉)

Here’s to reading for the sheer delight of it – the pure slices of joy to be found between the covers of a book…

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