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A giant slice of joy

This is the face of a 40-year-old who can’t believe her luck 💫
(And who went on the carousel at the zoo 5 times yesterday….)

Just had the most joy-full, heart-bursting weekend with my two special friends and their beautiful families, complete with bubbly and chocolate cake and an all-American barbecue of hotdogs and hamburgers, corn and watermelon. I mean, talk about a giant slice of joy 🍉

Today is my actual birthday, and I started it with cake in bed (of course) along with so many cuddles and messages from all over the world (a great combo). We’re now on the long train ride to Boston… Where another beloved friend and her lovely family are waiting, along with a carnival and early 4th of July fireworks 💥

I mean!!

My theme for 2022 is right here, right now. Soaking up the present moment. And this trip has been so deliciously present so far… I’ve taken some fabulous pics of slices of joy, which I’ll share when I’m back, but the real joy has been being with people I love. My husband and kids. My friends, and their husbands and kids. Beautiful ordinary time… right here, right now.

We only see each other every few years, but the love is so strong that it feels like yesterday. I feel so lucky.

I threw a penny in a pond that may or may not have been a wishing pond, on Friday. And honestly all I had to wish for was that the people I love are healthy… it’s not guaranteed, and it’s not forever, but I will soak it up while it lasts.

Here’s to the next 40 years! 🥂


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