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A moment of levity in hard days

a moment of levity

Friends, may I offer a moment of levity in hard days?

In happier news, I just bought this frankly ridiculous blue satin hair bow and I *could not love it more*.

It makes me giggle every time I look in the mirror. It’s so giant! And so fun! I have a black velvet one too.

I think one of my biggest lessons for this phase of life is that duality is no longer an option. We’re not talking good/bad, happy/sad, right/wrong any more (were we ever?) 🙃

It is possible to both grapple with how to live a good life as you age, and delight in a big ol’ hair bow. Trust me – that’s where I’m at today!

Wishing you a moment of levity to rival this one, today. Something to make you giggle or snort. A little slice of joy, you might even say 😉

#slicesofjoy #eldercare

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