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A much-needed Italian getaway

italian getaway

Cheers, friends! 🥂

Cheers to a much-needed Italian getaway.

Cheers to out of office auto responders and 10 days of not sitting in front of a laptop and solo journeys and diabetes conferences and soaking up as much knowledge as I can.

Cheers to Florence (Italy!!) and buying food from the market and eating all the things and wandering around the old town getting lost and not having an international SIM card because I actually enjoy being able to get lost, and finding myself again.

Cheers to noise cancelling headphones and quiet evenings in my Airbnb and learning so much but also honouring the need to be quiet.

Cheers to seeing beloved old friends who are flying out from America to meet me (!) for 4 nights away from family responsibilities and kids and work (!!) and who knows what else because we’ve all been too busy to plan anything.

Cheers to pausing. After an extremely ambitious deadline, which I met. And a lot of dedicated parenting in advance of this trip.



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