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A no-good, very bad day

I am having a stressful and, frankly, shitty day. The worst part about it is that it’s not a matter of perspective or reframe – there are authentically shitty things happening and they are hard and sad and I will tell the story of them when I have the strength to write it all down.

But then! My sweet kiddos brought me a little love note because I said I was having a hard day (while doing a full body wiggle to try and unseat some of the stress from my muscles). And the doorbell rang and who should be there but a delivery man with the *most* beautiful bunch of flowers sent to me from across the seas as a gesture of support and love.

And just like that, alongside a cup of tea and a hazelnut Lindor ball and some deep breaths of fresh air, the day has changed course. I feel a little lighter, I can breathe a little deeper, I can even maybe have a sense of perspective.

This is why slices of joy are so essential, to me. All you need is a chink for the light to get in… And that chink can change everything.

So now I’m going to breathe in the flower scented air in my office and gently move forward with the rest of my day.


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