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A story of delight

A story of delight

Friends, pull up a chair and let me tell you a story of delight… ✨

The day started hard. It’s 4 years since the worst day of my life (my mom had a stroke in front of us, we got the quadruple cancer diagnosis, I had to tell my brothers). I’m not consciously remembering dates, but my body is keeping track and it’s… hard.

I was scrolling through past WhatsApp conversations for work (trying to see what works for a chatbot) when I chanced upon a group chat with my mom and my brother, in which she suggested planting jelly beans so that they would grow into lollipops the next day.

Pure magic! ✨

When my kids got home from school, I told them I’d seen these seeds at Pick n Pay (Rascals rather than jelly beans – more nondescript – decanted into a clear plastic bag). Apparently they grew into lollipops overnight, but I wasn’t sure how…

I must be honest, I thought I was pushing it a bit. My son will be 9 next month, my daughter is a savvy 6-year-old. But they 100% believed in the power of sweets to grow into other sweets, and excitedly planted them in a pot, rather than outdoors. (“Think about the rain, Mom – and the slugs and caterpillars and ants.”)

Who knows what will sprout overnight?! I am so excited! 🌱

Life is hard, sometimes, and sad, and adult, and predictable.

And then, sometimes, it’s not. What a slice of joy.


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