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A thoughtful regift

A thoughtful regift

I have something controversial to say, and I’m going to say it anyway: I love a thoughtful regift.

I know! The horrors of a regift! But that’s why I put the magical word *thoughtful* in there. I love opening gifts and fully appreciating them and then – if they’re not right for me – gifting them on to someone who will love them.

I love getting a regift too! If it’s special and thoughtful and not just randomly dusted off from a musty old cupboard 😉

My love for the regift is partly because I believe in the circular economy, and that we don’t need to buy more things. Partly because I’m a minimalist at heart. And partly because if it means more presents being given, I am *all in*.

But now, in direct contrast to what I’ve just written, may I sing the praises of a gift that could only be for me, like this absolute gem of a piggy bank from my wonderful friend Jeanne @thedetailsmith 😍

I could not love it more.
I’m going to randomly pop money in it and then randomly spend it on random delights when I need some spontaneous joy 💫
What fun!!

Where do you stand on the regift debate? 🍉

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