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A week of wonder

a week of wonder

Just got back from a week of wonder.

We spent 3 nights in the bush and 4 nights in a small Karoo village, and I feel all the ‘re’s – renewed, restored, refreshed.

We saw incredible game in the wild, beautiful views, thousands of stars and the full moon in all her splendor. We played endless games of Uno and watched some beautiful movies (both Mary Poppins! The new Annie!). I celebrated my birthday with chocolate cake in bed and Lego flowers and wild animals (what more could anyone ask for?!) I read and read and read, and slept at least 9 hours a night, and walked every day, and it was glorious. Abundant slices of joy every day (interspersed with real life and whining and irritation, but what’s a slice of joy without some contrast?)

I have returned with a commitment to taking life at a slower pace – holiday pace is beautiful, and I want more of it (I know I’ve said this before)…

When I was three, I confidently declared, “I’m allergic of slugs” because I despised them so. I am now confidently declaring, “I’m allergic of rushing.”

Watch this space for how that turns out!

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