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Always be a little kinder than necessary

Old J.M. Barrie! Author of Peter Pan. What a smart fellow… I’m taking this as my life advice at the moment. Want to know why?

It’s so interesting raising children, and getting to choose what’s important to you. Is it more important that my children are polite or confident, if I have to choose between the two? Kind or fair? Sometimes it’s easy, of course, but often I find myself having to choose a lucky bag of traits that Mark and I have decided are what we want to focus on.

Kindness is top of the list. And that’s largely because I aspire to be as kind as I can – it seems to open up doors of generosity within me, where I can do the right thing, the loving thing, without expecting too much in return.

The attempt to always be a little kinder than necessary also reminds me that it’s my choice: it’s my doing. I can choose to be small and mean, or expansive and loving. And heaven knows we all need more loving in our lives!

PS: If you’re looking for a beautiful minute in your day, watch Bill Nighy giving the best man speech at his son’s wedding (from possibly my all-time favourite movie, About Time). You can watch it here.

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