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An exceptionally pleasant life

Man I love reading. So much. There are only a few books that I have re-read over and over – and this is one of them: The Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver. I think it’s pretty damn near genius.

In it, the main character makes a big life decision, and we get to see how life plays out both ways. The sheer beauty of the book is that there’s no winning narrative. I think we have this idea that we make right or wrong decisions in life, when really we make decisions and there are good and bad elements to every path. This book illustrates the concept so beautifully it is like savouring a mouthful of really good chocolate just to read the words.

I particularly love this line because it focuses on one of my favourite themes in life, which has been on my mind a lot this week… The beautiful ordinary.

I bit into a perfectly ripe donut peach the other day – have you tasted these beauties? Firm, juicy, impossibly sweet… I gave one of those involuntary “mmmm”s. And it reminded me of the scene in About Time (one of my all-time favourite movies) where the best friend eats a chocolate eclair and closes her eyes in ecstasy. Which reminded me of the last time I watched About Time, curled up in bed in a sweatshirt, the day my mom died.

But I will tell you this, friends. That memory would have *floored* me in the past. It slipped in sideways, out of nowhere, and it would have had me gasping for breath from the sudden pain and remembrance of loss. And now – two and a half years down the beautiful ordinary path of living life without my mom – I could see it for what it was. A tug on my heart, a mellow ache, a loss that will never heal. But it didn’t derail me, not even a little.

I just wanted to share in case you’re still in the derail days, and wondering if you’ll ever move past them… This too shall pass. One day at a time…

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