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Book launch countdown…

I put together these little treasure packs for South African book influencers this afternoon…

It was a cold, rainy afternoon, so we lit a fire and put on great tunes, and I enlisted my kids as my mini-slaves. My daughter stuck heart stickers and cut sticky tape, my son carefully chose origami cranes to match the coloured in postcards and tucked folded info sheets into the books.

They are alternately delighted that I’ve written a book (“You’re a *genius*, Mom!”) and totally unimpressed that I have so many other exciting things to do at the moment.

Today held the sweet joy of an hour spent talking to Jan’s Book Buzz for People of the Book, and the equal and opposite leveler of my first mediocre review on Goodreads. It’s kind of a relief, to be honest. Until now, all the feedback has been unfailingly wonderful and effusive – I needed an alternative view from someone who was like, “Meh. It’s okay.”

And now to bed! I remember this feeling of fizzy excitement before the launch of Strange Nervous Laughter… I love it! It is not conducive to restful sleep, though.

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