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Category: Mom

Being a mom in the modern age – while working, and trying to find some sense of personal self amidst the noise and chaos. An honest look at motherhood!

Modern day women and the roles we play

Is it possible? Am I writing about something that isn’t grief or parenting related? Believe it!

This has been such a strange time to live through, hasn’t it? One of the themes that keeps recurring in conversations with my friends is male/female gender roles. They’ve been brought into the spotlight for many of us. It’s something I’m still grappling with, so I’m not sure how coherent this will be, but here goes…

Finding wonder in the everyday

I’ve always been an optimist (thank heavens) and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been wildly enthusiastic. I feel so grateful for both of these traits – I don’t know if you can do much about it if you’re not naturally optimistic or if it’s hard to muster enthusiasm about things. For me, life is peppered with moments to look forward to. Small things that bring me slices of joy. (Like now: I just put on a pair of new socks and ooooh that feeling of new socks is so lovely!)

I cannot tell you how delighted I am that my kids appear to have inherited this gene.

Dealing with the news

It seems that this is the week of ostrich confessions! My approach to the news is generally very simple: I ignore it. If there’s something I need to know, Mark will fill me in (he reads BBC News on his phone all day and night, it seems). But I try to stay out of it as much as I can. This week, that’s been impossible.

Great Mom advice

I’m always on the lookout for mom advice – always. Maybe one day I’ll feel like I have this whole mothering thing waxed, but for now I’m always keen to learn more. Both for my own sanity, and for my kids. I got two fantastic pieces of Mom advice last week, and wanted to share them…