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Cut yourself some slack

Friends, how are you?

It is school holiday week, which means children underfoot everywhere I turn, and my dad is going for hip replacement surgery on Wednesday, for which I am actively managing a whole heap of anxiety. (It’s routine surgery, but last time he went for routine surgery he nearly died.) Also, you know, I’ve been working on hospital trauma for the last few years, so there’s that…

So I am taking this advice I offered a friend recently. I am cutting myself so much slack I can make a quilt from it. I love this idea because it takes cutting myself some slack (easing up on work, lowering expectations, being extra kind to myself) from something on my To Do List to a creative act. How can I be really beautifully kind to myself? What will that look like?

So far it looks like a movie date to watch a ridiculous rom com, a day of no work on Wednesday so I can run a list of errands and then lie down and watch Bridgerton season 2, peaceful walks on the beach, lots of deep breathing, delicious nourishing food, and early nights.

Also actively asking for support. Which, as we all know, is not that easy but opens the door and lets fresh air in. Anxiety and worry don’t like fresh air, as far as I can tell.

I hope you don’t need permission to cut yourself some slack this week, but in case you do let me offer it to you here – with so much love ❤️

Let’s make beautiful quilts from all the slack we cut ourselves.

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