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Days of magic and wonder

I’m not saying this was the greatest parenting moment of my life… but I’m also not saying it wasn’t.

When we woke up this morning, one of our trees had sprouted candy canes! The kids and I raced outside to inspect the tree, lick the strawberry flavoured syrup hanging from the candy canes (thanks dew!) and marvel at how this could possibly have happened…

Current theories include:
🍭 Santa was flying past and scattered them.
🍭 This tree will grow into the Faraway Tree and sprout something different every day.
🍭 Everyone in our neighbourhood now has a candy cane tree.

I played down the every day something new story (of course!) but oh my goodness what fun to start the day with an absolute delight of a mystery… 💫

This idea was entirely inspired by re-reading Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s wonderful book: Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. (Highly recommended!) @missamykr 📖

Here’s to days of magic and wonder, and not quite being able to explain when lovely little things happen…

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