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Deeply satisfying tasks

I love Friday afternoons.

The kids have a standing playdate, so I’m on duty but not entirely, and I get to sweep up all the little tasks I’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t quite found the time to actually complete.

Like updating my website and LinkedIn. I was still stuck on ‘Writer. Diabetes advocate. Content strategist,’ even though I have had zero time or capacity for content strategy this year….

What really occupies my time? Writing. Diabetes advocacy. And #slicesofjoy

I know it’s a teeny change and probably hardly anyone will see it? But for those who pop over to, now they’ll find not only all my Instagram posts on my Thoughts page, but an updated title that feels like it accurately reflects me.

A deeply satisfying Friday afternoon task!

Here’s to a weekend of #slicesofjoy 🍉

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