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Finding wonder in the everyday

I’ve always been an optimist (thank heavens) and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been wildly enthusiastic. I feel so grateful for both of these traits – I don’t know if you can do much about it if you’re not naturally optimistic or if it’s hard to muster enthusiasm about things. For me, life is peppered with moments to look forward to. Small things that bring me slices of joy. (Like now: I just put on a pair of new socks and ooooh that feeling of new socks is so lovely!)

I cannot tell you how delighted I am that my kids appear to have inherited this gene.

Arty has always been very expressive, so I suppose it’s no wonder that Ella follows in his footsteps (she likes to copy him as much as possible). I realised this was happening when Mark made oats the other morning (as he does 6 out of 7 mornings a week) and said, “Oats are ready!”
Ella came racing into the kitchen and said, “Oats! Yippeee!!”

We went to buy new swimming costumes the other day, because somehow both kids have gone through mega growth spurts and no longer fit into their old ones (although, admittedly, in Ella’s case it’s both height and pot belly that sticks out – I will miss her baby/toddler belly!) They were so excited about their new cozzies that they wanted to put them on the moment we got home… despite not being near any kind of water.

Arty is also very fond of declaring things “the best ever”. As in, “this is the best sandwich ever” (pretty sure it’s not), or “this is the best car ever” (until he sees another one he likes more). Ella’s latest is to say, “love them” when something meets her approval. “Love your slops, Mom!” she’ll say, or she’ll stroke her dress and say, “love this one”.

And of course, “my favourite!” We have a lot of favourites at the moment – in particular the photo books I make for them each year, and the birthday cake book, which Ella calls her “tuptake book” (cupcake, for the uninitiated to toddler speak). She pages through it longingly at least once a day, pointing out her favourite (ladybird), Arty’s favourite (whale), Mommy’s favourite (varies depending on the day, unrelated to any preference I’ve ever expressed) and Dad’s favourite (same logic applies).

It is absolutely delightful being surrounded by such enthusiasm each day… Until, of course, it isn’t. Like when we’re on a half-an-hour car ride and they both decide that one line from B-I-N-G-O is their favourite (“B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name-o!”). Over and over and over again. And of course, with great enthusiasm comes great despair – they are two sides of a see saw. So there’s that.

But as much as I know I should encourage them towards the middle path, of acceptance and peace and equanimity, I am enjoying this wild wonder in the everyday far too much for that. I love it! My favourite!


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