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Grief chats

“What I do know for sure is that the only way out is through: it is a choice to face your grief head-on, in a conscious way, or to deny it and stay stuck.”

Friends, so many of us are grieving at the moment and it can feel as if there’s no space to let that grief out… That’s why I immediately said yes when my lovely friend @janelinley_thomas suggested we do a weekly series for the month of February on how to deal with grief.

Four opportunities to just be with grief, for a bit. Talk about it, hold its hand, find some tools to help us move through it a bit…

I will confess that I have done a grand total of one Instagram Live before, with the equally lovely @kaminipather, but I have known Janey for almost 20 years and every time we speak it feels like a balm for the soul.

Please join us on Friday at 8am – @janelinley_thomas on Insta Live. We have a theme for each week, and will be chatting to anyone who wants to join us, and holding space for anyone who needs it, in the midst of our busy lives…

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