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Intentional friend dates

One of the best things I did last year was to schedule intentional friend dates… for a year… in January.

Yes yes, I know it’s ‘too organized’ (if there is such a thing!) but actually what it ensures is that I get to see people I care about, regularly and at a time that suits us both.

It also ensures something of a headache for the day in early January (today) when I have scheduled in a year’s worth of monthly walks, lunches and hikes, along with weekly yoga (and the odd meeting 😉) and written them by hand into my paper diary.

Always and forever with the paper diary. It’s my second brain.

I listened to an extraordinary Stoic series of talks on the @wakingupapp during the holidays, and the most essential nugget I took from it is to spend time well.

For me, having a year’s worth of intentional special time to look forward to is doing just that. Imagine filling 2023 with (almost) guaranteed slices of joy? That’s what I feel like I’ve just done!

Time for a gin and soda in the summer’s evening breeze… 🍉


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