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Let’s talk about sleep

Let’s talk about sleep.

I am absolutely useless when I don’t get enough sleep, and a friend complimented me on that the other day… Because as a result I end up prioritizing sleep. (Which I do – a lot. I’ll make food and drink decisions based on how they affect my sleep, choose not to watch something on TV if it might interrupt my sleep, almost always leave the party a leeetle bit early because I want to be rested).

However – however! – the flip side is that when I have a crappy night’s sleep (like last night, when my poor son coughed for hours and wanted me next to him, stroking his back), I am shattered. My mind is on go-slow, my body is sluggish, all I want to do is eat salty carbs.

This is one of the reasons that first year of two kids was so brutal for me – the sleep deprivation nearly killed me…

But other people are totally fine with interrupted sleep, or too-little sleep – how?! People tell me of weeks of being insomniac like it’s no big deal! I am wrecked after one night.

Any sleepy insights for me? 😴

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