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Life hack

Life hack: always carry a bouncy ball in your bag.

That’s pretty much it.

Bouncy balls have the magical ability to make waiting in line exponentially more fun. It’s something about the unpredictability, the involuntary “whoop!” when it bounces too high or in the wrong direction, the sheer joy of playing that makes bouncy balls irresistible (in my opinion).

Add to that the fact that the machines that sell them in airports (on those thrilling merry-go-rounds where you don’t know what colour or design will spit out) are still only R5 (R5! A single coin!) and you have a recipe for joy, in my opinion. Tiny joy. A little slice. But one you can carry in your handbag.

I had a lovely boyfriend in my 20s who once gifted me a box full of bouncy balls for my birthday… alas, he had missed the point. So much of the thrill is not knowing which flavour you’ll get when you put your coin in! It’s one of the reasons I have ensured my kids are hooked on bouncy balls – I’m obliged to buy 3 every time I’m in an airport…

And lest you think it’s just me who’s obsessed with these little bouncy wonders, may I point you to the music video for Jose Gonzalez’s absolute classic, ‘Heartbeats’? Go watch it now! It’s incredible.

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