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Pay attention

Pay attention. Right here, right now.

Oh my goodness but I am being taught this lesson *loudly* at the moment. Even while waiting in line at the bank, as I am right now…

Yesterday I spilt a glass of water on my desk. An honest mistake – I was thinking ahead to the tasks I needed to do and accidentally set it down on the edge of the coaster.

Except it spilt on my laptop and killed it. Dead. RIP sweet laptop ☠️

If this was an isolated incident, I probably would have just cast it aside as a mistake, but a few weeks back I reversed into the gate because I was rushing and not paying attention.

Right here. Right now. It’s my theme for the year. I am learning it – now. No more multitasking (or attempting to, anyway…) One thing at a time.

And now, perhaps, some good news? Wouldn’t that be nice…. 💫

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