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A quick dose of perspective

Ella is cutting a tooth, so we woke up a lot last night. I’m pretty tired and a little fuzzy, but I’m also in the midst of a huge work project, so as soon as I dropped Arty at school I knuckled down to work. And then…

The Universe offered me a large dose of perspective.

I’m working on Life Healthcare’s new website, and the specific section I’m working on this morning is their Complementary Services – Mental Health, Rehabilitation and Dialysis. So, you know, people who are struggling with severe anxiety and depression and mood disorders, or some kind of psychosis and need to be involuntarily admitted to hospital. People who have had severe spinal cord or head injuries, suffered from strokes or traumatic injuries and need rehab. People whose kidneys have failed so they need to be hooked up to machines for 4 hours at a time, 3 days a week.

Yoh yoh yoh.

Can we all just take a deep breath and say a resounding: THANK YOU. Thank you that no tragedy has befallen me or my loved ones today. Thank you that I can sit happily and easily in my office chair, and take for granted being able to pick up my cup of tea to drink it. Thank you that my organs are working and my mind is well. Thank you thank you thank you.

We are so much more blessed than we even know.

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