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Reconnecting with an old friend

Can we talk about the joy of reconnecting with an old friend after more than a decade of no face-to-face contact?

This is @nobuntusa, my Grade 1 bestie and the future president of South Africa (no jokes, just give her a few years).

We met yesterday for a sunshiney hour of avo on toast and catch-ups, and talked about life purpose and parenting and work-life balance and aging parents and learning how to be better versions of ourselves and it was soul-filling and cup-filling and *fun*.

I believe in the power of digital to connect us, but oh my goodness I believe in the power of a strong hug and an hour of interrupting each other because there is so much to say even more…

I wish for you – for all of us – slow boil friends. Friends you can meet when you’re six and still love when you’re forty. Friends who demand little and offer nothing but love when you see each other. Present time friends in the rapid rush of life.

What an absolute slice of joy. 🍉


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