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Sideways grief

Scenes from a day:
1. My son finding this postcard from a package that was delivered, thinking I’d like it and slipping it into my laptop so I’d find it when I started work this morning. My kind of slice of joy 🍉

2. Holding Sweet Life’s AGM (always a little nerve-inducing!) and realizing I need to share our Annual Report and the wonderful work we’re doing for diabetes in South Africa more.

3. Sideways grief. I bought new guest bed linen on sale because this set was inherited from my mom at least 5 years ago, secondhand. I was so excited to switch it out until I realized that in giving away this linen, I’ll be giving away the last linen my mom ever gave me. So silly, right?! But still…

Now I’m feeling nostalgic about sheets she bought many years ago and didn’t want… Lordy lordy, grief never ceases to surprise me.

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