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Stoic training

We went camping this weekend.

And it was both as beautiful as it looks in this photo and deeply exhausting – a comedy of errors that resulted in a tiny tent, a ripped stretcher (and a night sleeping straight on the floor) and a crazy howling wind that had me up and reading my book for over an hour at 2am.

And then we came home. And my goodness the joy and relief I am taking in 4 strong walls that keep out the wind, and a soft bed and warm blankets and so. much. comfort.

I’m reading a wonderful Stoic book at the moment – A Guide to the Good Life by William B. Irvine – and it recommends putting yourself in uncomfortable situations (like hiking or camping or other strenuous activity) to appreciate the normal everyday comforts. They call it Stoic training, and I was unconvinced by the idea until this weekend.

Now I can see that periodically taking yourself out of your comfort zone let’s you appreciate just how beautifully comfortable everyday life really is. And there is great joy in that!


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