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The Beautiful Ordinary

It’s been a weekend of The Beautiful Ordinary, and I am feeling so content.

We had a few gentle plans – homemade kitka/challah/snake bread with special friends, a morning hike for me with a lovely friend, watching movies with the kids (Frozen II for the girls, Star Wars for the boys).

But there was lots of breathing space… Space for a surprisingly lovely Italian rom com on Friday night (Four for Dinner, on Netflix). Noodling around the house putting things in order (guaranteed to make me feel better about life). Decorating 5 metres of brown paper with whatever drawings we feel like for wrapping paper (including hearts, rainbow kitties and fire engines). Curled up in the winter sunshine reading a heart-provoking book (Broken Porcelain by @relebone). What a beautifully ordinary weekend ❤️

And it makes me think of what wise endocrinologist-philosopher Dr Sundeep Ruder said to me recently, on the podcast:
If we can just manage our desires to be less than what we need, we’ll be content.

Don’t be wishing for what you don’t need, all the time. Some of the time? Maybe. But contentment is such an under-rated and beautiful thing… At least that’s how it feels to me, this lazy Sunday afternoon. What do you think?

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