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The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

the daily stoic

The Daily Stoic. Here’s a little Thursday slice of joy!

Homemade yoghurt, homemade chocolate granola. A little dappled sunshine. My copy of The Daily Stoic just arrived!

I shall read it in the fresh morning air, while eating my breakfast.

I’m reminded (again and again and yet I never remember) what a practice #slicesofjoy is. It doesn’t just come automagically. You have to remember to look for these 3-second (or longer) moments in your day, and notice them. Really notice them.

Otherwise life just rushes by…

I’m going to start an accountability practice of posting a Monday and Thursday slice of joy from now on. Care to join me? ❤️

@jeannevonhirschberg thanks for the nudge! 😘

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