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The delight factor of new restaurants

One of the best things about traveling, in my opinion, is the exploration factor. Where shall we eat? How do we get there? How does this thing work?! There’s a sense of play in the everyday.

I want more of that in real life, please! So I was totally delighted to lunch at @ouzeri_ct today, in the heart of town (where exactly is it? Where should I park? What shall we eat?)

The delight factor wasn’t only because it’s new, though… It was also because it’s fabulous. Delicious, surprising, rich and multi-layered dishes from Greece and Cyprus – what an absolute treat. A midweek lunch with a dear friend is already something special. Throw in a new pair of shoes and I’m calling it a giant slice of joy 🍉

How could you add an element of surprise or delight to the everyday humdrum? It’s a question I’m asking myself too….


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