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The gift of gardening

I spent the morning gardening on my own, which is pretty much the best way to spend a morning, in my opinion…

I love gardening for so many reasons – the sunshine and fresh air, all the green, the immediate gratification of something planted or weeded or sown… But also because it gives my mind a chance to roam free and ruminate on things I don’t get a chance to when I’m rushing from one thing to another.

This morning I was thinking about how having written The Grief Handbook has already unlocked a meeting of hearts with so many people who have gone through grief… people I otherwise would never have guessed have been struggling with this. And that made me think about how grief is just one form of loss, and we are all probably struggling with some kind of loss – a break-up, a lost job, health issues, a friendship that didn’t make it through COVID – and we should all just be a little kinder to each other… Which made me remember this beautiful edict: to always be a little kinder than necessary.

All this from a few hours pulling weeds! What a gift…

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