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The magic of vintage shopping

One of the true slices of joy this week was a visit to my friend Jane’s magical thrifted clothing shop @therejoycecollection.

I call myself a minimalist – I have a fairly strict ‘one in-one out’ rule when it comes to clothes and I don’t believe in having two of the same thing unless you wear that thing a lot (for example, my dress collection… hence the *fairly* strict). But Janey’s shop is temptation central, so I made sure to clear out my cupboard before I came. And I wore a dress that I was pretty sure wasn’t flattering, and ended up leaving it behind and going home in a new outfit! That’s a first for me 😉

The reasons behind my minimalist bent are all love based… I think you can love a few things more fiercely than you can love many. If I know I have to give something away to buy something new, that something new better be shit hot, not just nice. And I deeply disagree with fast fashion (which is why Jane’s shop is such a win!)

I left with a precious handful of delights – a very playful super short minidress, a fabulously flowy Grecian dress, my new favourite pair of shorts (which means my old favourite is probably being ushered out the door) and the outfit I left in – my favourite colour (sage green) cotton dungarees over the sweetest cream blouse. And I nabbed a bottle of her signature clothing scent so that soon my clothes will all smell as delicious as her shop…

What an absolute giant slice of joy to spend an hour trying on fabulous clothes in such a beautiful environment. And! Lest I forget! A pot of tea served with a knitted Barbie tea cosy. What more could you ask for?


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