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We got COVID

This is a picture of me and coronavirus, with wind and love blowing the corona away from me. My daughter drew it for me when I told her I’d just tested positive for COVID yesterday.

It looks like it’s not just me but all four of us, in varying degrees. The kids feel a bit mimpy and off, and want lots of cuddles. My husband and I are snotty / thick headed / headachey / sore throaty. Super mild so far, and I am crossing thumbs and fingers it stays that way.

It is quite surreal, after 21 months of dodging COVID, to finally have it. There’s a weird kind of peace to it, in fact. It’s finally caught us – we have to stay home for 10 days, just the four of us, together. We have to rest. We have to be gentle with each other.

What is remarkable – particularly because I have Type 1 diabetes – is that I feel no fear. And that’s because I’m double vaxxed, and because this seems to be a much milder variant. I am so deeply grateful for both of those facts.

In fact, gratitude is my prevailing feeling right now. We are so lucky to live in a beautiful home where it’s comfortable to isolate. We’re surrounded by garden and mountains and fresh air. We can afford to do online grocery shopping (maybe this will force us to finally figure out online grocery shopping!) And we had just about wrapped up work for the year, and were anticipating no childcare for this period anyway.

The timing is amazing, actually. And as long as it stays mild I will stay deeply grateful (can I make that kind of pact with the universe? Will it work?! No, of course not, but I’m trying anyway!)

COVID is everywhere at the moment, I keep being told. Keep safe, be gentle with yourself, and let’s ease into this unusual festive season that’s not quite unprecedented, but not far off.

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