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What if…

What if

What if we didn’t have to be our sparkly best selves?
What if we didn’t have to be good and even-tempered and considerate of others feelings before our own?
What if we could wear our hair down even if it’s stringy and stay in pyjamas because that feels good and be authentic even if it’s a little bit awkward, to be honest…

I’ve been thinking a lot, this week, about how we were taught to be polite young ladies and maybe that doesn’t serve us as well as fierce grown women.

What do you think?

(Also: pic explainer. I was trying to take a photo of myself holding up 5 fingers for the 5 symptoms of diabetes, and it turns out I can’t both concentrate on smiling for the camera and holding my hand in a certain position. Is there a lesson here? About how we can’t juggle two modes of being at once? I think so…)

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