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When things are mud-slogging hard

Gosh but things feel hard at the moment, don’t they? Not bone-crunchingly hard, but mud-slogging hard… I don’t know anyone who is feeling a lot of ease and joy at the moment.

I’ve kind of being explaining it away as mid-winter blues, because it is so cold and still so dark here in Cape Town when we wake up… But that’s not everyone’s reality at all. Perhaps it’s the hump day of the year? Still so much work to do before things start easing, but a sense of impending pressure and running out of time.

Or perhaps it’s just my inner circle who are struggling – and that’s okay too. We don’t all have to be feeling chipper all the time. A good dose of grumps or mimpiness is part of the package.

I’ve taken to asking Spotify for a random song from my liked list to start the day, and today it offered up this beauty… Give it a listen. It reminded me to look up at the sky and take a deep breath. That’s all.

Here’s to a breath-full day 🌱

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