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You don’t have to feel grateful right now

This is just a reminder that you don’t have to feel grateful right now.

If things are hard or sad or anxious or down, and *also* you have so much to be grateful for because you’re not worse off, you can just feel what you’re feeling.

You know this, right? We all do. But I think sometimes the beauty of feeling grateful for what we *do* have – focusing on what’s positive, and light, and hopeful – can feel like a pressure to always be looking for silver linings. And that’s just not true. You be you.

I’ve been recovering from a 24-hour-stomach bug and my energy has been at roughly 0.1% which sucks the joy out of a lot of things… At first I was reaching to feel better, and then I just accepted that when you’re not well, you feel down. And that is natural and good and (more importantly) what is happening right here, right now.

So I gift you this ancient piece of stitchwork my mom did, that was first my laptop cover and now the little cushion my husband or I use to lean against while we read the children their bedtime stories.

Grateful for the cushion, not grateful for the loss…

Sending you love if you need it ❤️

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