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Apparently, public speaking tops the list of things people are afraid of – some studies say people are more afraid of public speaking than death, or spiders.

Not me! I love it. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of connecting to people through telling stories and sharing experiences. That’s why I’ve created three talks that I think speak to the things I’m most passionate about: health, parenting, and living an inspiring life.

Here’s a taste of my diabetes talk, and a brief overview of what my talks are about. FInd out more about my storymaking and community building talks at Treeshake.
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A happy life with diabetes: what I’ve learnt from a decade of Type 1 diabetes

10 years ago, I didn’t know what diabetes was. Now I inject myself with insulin 5 times a day and watch everything I eat. But living with diabetes has – strangely enough – improved my life. A practical look at what diabetes is, living with Type 1 diabetes, and the surprising gifts a chronic condition can give if you accept it. All lessons we can apply in our lives, with or without chronic illness.

Moms in the trenches: an honest look at modern motherhood

Before I had kids, I was a parenting expert. Now? Not so much. But there are things I’ve learnt – about myself and life – that I could never have imagined before I had kids. A frank and funny look at expectations, Pinterest moms, diabetes and motherhood, and how being a mom has made me a better person.

Living your best life: from bucket list to slices of joy

It can be exhausting keeping up with all you’re supposed to do to live a successful life. Why not aim for your best life, instead? A look at what success really means: including ticking items off our personal bucket lists, finding peace and slices of joy, and the quiet contentment of daily life. An inspiring take on how to live a happier life, starting now.

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