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The Grief Handbook

A guide through the worst days of your life

the grief handbook

The Grief Handbook will take you by the hand and offer empathy and compassion, helping you through what can feel like the worst days of your life.

Bridget McNulty lost her mum suddenly. She couldn’t find the support that she needed in the rawness of her immediate grief, and the loneliness felt profoundly shocking. The Grief Handbook weaves her personal experience with expert psychological insights and practical advice, to enable you to navigate your grief in your own way.

There is no one-size-fits-all recovery process for bereavement. Understanding that each experience of grief is unique, you can stop worrying about how you should be feeling. This interactive journal offers you room to explore your feelings at your own pace, helping you not to shy away from the enormity of your heartbreak.

To be able to move through grief we need to understand our emotions, tune into our needs and know that what we are feeling is normal. Grief isn’t something to “get over”, but a loss to honour and live with. This gentle book shows us how.

Grief is one of the hardest things any of us will ever have to deal with. Each death is unique in so many ways, and similar in so many others – yet there are no guidelines for how to deal with grief, and we are all so bad at it… How is this possible?

When my mom died (very suddenly, 13 days after being diagnosed), I went looking for a guide through the darkest days. But all the books I could find on grief were either too dense and philosophical, or too religious. What I wanted was an honest exploration of how to deal with the worst thing. I wanted short, succinct explanations of what grief is and how to survive it, some space to be really angry and really sad and channel that in some way, and some words of hope and inspiration to get me through the darkest days. I wanted a handbook: literally a hand to lead me through my grief.

The Grief Handbook

I couldn’t find it, so I wrote it. The Grief Handbook is a small book: small enough to carry around in a handbag, or gift to a friend you’re meeting for coffee.

It has thoughtful reflections on grief – what helps and what hurts – and space to be creative or vent. Sprinkled between the reflections are colouring in pages, inspiring quotes from those who have survived grief, checklists, pages to write down thoughts and feelings, ideas and lists.

You can fill in as much or as little as you like, return to the book when you feel you need to, or dip into it as you wish. It’s a gentle invitation to walk through the hardest days with empathy and understanding.

A gift that can actually help

It can be difficult to bear witness to someone you love grieving because there’s really nothing you can do to make it better – nothing you can buy or bake that will ease the pain for long. The Grief Handbook is a practical gift that will tangibly help people who are grieving to feel a little less alone.

The book arc is an upside down rainbow. It starts where you are, takes you down to the hardest days, and then lifts you up with a vision of one day feeling better. The returning point is not necessarily happier than when you started, but understood, and accepted.

Why I wrote The Grief Handbook

Navigating grief without any warning – no illness or gradual decline – turned my life upside down. I was floundering in an ocean of grief and desperately needed something to cling to. I read everything I could find on grief, listened to podcasts, searched for meaning. The Grief Handbook is a compilation of all that I found most helpful, and all that I couldn’t find that would have helped.

I really hope it helps you.

Where to find The Grief Handbook

The book will officially be available on the 13th July 2021. Find out more about it on

It is available for pre-order on Amazon UK and, and will be sold in South Africa on and in independent bookstores.

“McNulty convinces with an empathetic perspective that is both comforting and motivating. This simple yet thoughtful companion will aid those grieving for a lost loved one.”

Publishers Weekly

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R10 from each copy sold on Takealot will go to Hospices (HPCA), to support the excellent work they do.