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Hello! And welcome.

So nice to have you here.
My name is Bridget McNulty, and I’m a writer, a speaker, a content strategist and a mom. Also a Type 1 diabetic, which ties into all of the above. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and I use this space to write about things I find inspiring, ideas for healthy living, and the grand adventure of being a mom (some days are more fun than others).


Writing / Speaking / Content Strategy

If you’re interested in my writing work, please check out the Writing page, which has my published books and magazines. If you’d like me to speak to your company – about living an inspiring life, health and chronic illness, or parenting – please use the Contact page. You can watch a snippet of what I do when I’m on stage below, or on my Speaking page. If you’re looking for a content strategist to help your company find their voice, have a look at my Content Strategy page. And if you just want to know what’s on my mind, head over to the Blog page and let’s chat.

Here’s a taste of me talking diabetes – take a look at my YouTube channel for TV interviews and my full diabetes story.


  1. Yuvanya Naidoo Yuvanya Naidoo

    Hi 😊 I am a type 1 diabetic and I have been very disappointed at the lack of awareness and community between South African diabetics relative to other countries.

    I have teamed up with 7 other diabetics to start a non-profit organization with the aim of building a community, educating, advocating, supporting and lost importantly, creating a platform where people with extra supplies can donate and those in need can get access. The next steps after launching and hopefully getting a reasonable amount of attention on our social media pages is to design tshirts with a logo that distinctly represents the South African type 1 community and eventually expand into other products and ultimately register as a non-profit organization. All proceeds will be donated to charity or research. We have 8 very committed people who are putting in a lot of effort to create some Social media buzz before our launch early next year.

    We would really appreciate your support. Please like our pages, please send in posts and comments when we ask for them, please come to our events and please spread the word about us. We are called Bete It. If you email me or give me your Facebook and Instagram handles I can let you know when the pages are ready.

    Thank you for what you do for the community. Hopefully we can do the same and make the impact even bigger.

    • Bridget Bridget

      Hi Yuvanya!
      That all sounds wonderful. There is actually a thriving diabetes community that offers education and support on Facebook ( and on our website ( Maybe take a look at those first so you don’t reinvent the wheel? Very excited to support you in all your endeavours!

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