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A trio of slices of joy

A trio of slices of joy!

The week started so sad that I thought I was settling in for a long haul of grief ahead of the anniversary of my mom’s death (a week today). Grief is cyclical, as we all know, and when you’re in the fog of it, it feels as if it will never lift.

But then, today, it did. Helped on by sunshine, no doubt, and a long walk in nature, and also by this trio of slices of joy. I love this concept of slices of joy – I wrote about it in The Grief Handbook but stole it from Chade Meng Tan. The idea is that instead of waiting for big things to happen to make you happy, you look for thin slices of joy. Just a few seconds of feeling okay… just a moment or two of lightness.

Today I bought African tulips for the first time (what are they?! I don’t even know but I love them already!) The library had a book sale and I got The Overstory for R10. R10! It is one of my favourite books of the last year – a love song to trees. And then, of course, my daily lemony gin and soda – a pause at the end of a busy day. An exhale. A moment of deliciousness.

Three slices of joy feels like a vast abundance… How lucky am I?

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