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Being present in the moment

Hi! 👋🏻
Welcome to our front door. Could it be the most beautiful front door ever? I think so! Especially because we somehow convinced my minimalist design husband to paint clouds on it… Now I just need to somehow get some glittery silver linings on them 😉

Despite the cheery welcome home, I’ve been struggling this past week. I’ve blamed jetlag and post-holiday, post-birthday blues, but it’s more than that… For six months, we looked forward to our Big American Adventure. The anticipation was so sweet, and so fun. And then we came back, and there was no Next Big Thing to look forward to…

What’s that? Am I a total hypocrite for preaching tiny slices of joy while simultaneously looking forward to a giant feast of joy? Yes, yes I am. But oh my goodness I am taking my medicine now.

The good news is that it works. When I’m feeling low and tired and not very interested in anything (most of the last week), being present in the moment as I notice a slice of joy gives me a little lift.

I’m talking tiny little slices of joy, and momentary lifts. This morning, on my first real walk for ages, feeling the cold air as it travelled through my nostrils. A scalding hot shower when I returned. A soft and cosy pair of slippers to slip my feet into.

I hope your day offers up a few lovely moments like this, as we remember to love the beautiful ordinary. 🍉 ❤️


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