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Great money advice (for real people)

I’ve just come across this amazing series of money advice articles and have to share them – they’re funny (believe it or not!), extremely practical, and very thought-provoking…

They’re written by a woman called Sam Beckbessinger, who works with 22seven, a superb money management app I just downloaded (and already love). It’s a five-part series:

  1. Getting all your money information together in a good money management tool
  2. Figuring out what your most important money goals are
  3. Finding and opening the right accounts
  4. Budgeting and finding more money to spend on your money goals
  5. Enjoying yourself along the way

And I just read every one. A few things I want to think about:

  • Thorough insurance vs. an emergency fund (obviously you have to insure things like your car and your work computer, but she suggests other insurance money could be better spent in an emergency fund that would cover other losses).
  • Downgrading your bank account and credit card to the cheapest possible option (I’ll be speaking to my bank about this ASAP. What do I need a platinum credit card for, really? Getting into the airport lounge once or twice a year? I could spend the money I save on airport snacks!)
  • Having big savings goals. I’m good at saving for retirement, and I know we need to upgrade our car soon (it’s getting expensive) so I’m going to save so we don’t have to pay off a car loan. But I like the idea of aligning your big savings goals with your life goals.

And this whole paragraph:

So, actually, the best things you can do to be better with your money are to go on long walks in the mountains. Have long, honest talks deep into the night with your friends. Sell your TV. Play boardgames with your family. Watch School of Life videos. Read. Practice a skill that makes you feel proud of yourself. Volunteer at a shelter. Make things. Fall in love. Meditate, if you’re into that. Learn to spend more time with yourself. Learn who you are. Learn what you actually care about, and spend more time and money doing those things.

I have also bookmarked Mr Money Mustache to read in depth later… He reckons cut your expenses in half and you don’t need to work. Sounds fun!

I absolutely love reading and learning more about money and how to spend it better and save more of it… I find it really inspiring and motivating. Do you?

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