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Rewarding ourselves for hard things

I had a podiatrist appointment this morning, and a mammogram this afternoon. Which – I know – sounds like a pretty sucky day.

Except that in between, I took myself out for a lunch date and had *the* most delicious poke bowl in Cape Town (from @threewisemonkeys_za). So delicious that I dived right in and didn’t take a photo of the rainbow goodness.

It made me think how rarely we reward ourselves for hard things, as grown-ups. If I expected my kids to go to two doctors appointments in one day, I would totally turn it into a treat sandwich and do something fun in between… But as adults, we tend to expect ourselves to do all the hard, boring, adulty things without the sweet little moments of reward.

I’m going to consciously stop doing that. Consciously insert slices of joy into my days, particularly when they are filled with things that don’t spark joy.

And now? I’m heading home with a grateful heart that both appointments were nothing to worry about, and we’re going to plan all kinds of spooky Halloween fun for tomorrow… Severed fingers, eyeballs and brains, here I come!

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