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The greatest summer holiday ever

Back to life, back to reality.

But oh! Friends! What a holiday we just had 😍

95% of my photos are of my kids and my friends, but here are a few of me in various grin-inducing situations. America in the summertime treated us soooo well. Sunshine and berries and ice-cream galore, fun and friends and laughter and carnivals and fireworks and high tea and a simply beautiful wedding. Special special time with people I love so much.

The highlight, hands down, was hanging in kitchens with friends. Is there anything sweeter than a cup of tea and a chat about everything and nothing much as you hang around the kitchen table? I don’t think so.

Other highlights include strolling for after-dinner ice-cream, walking Washington DC with the kids, the best public swimming pool we’ve ever seen, a magical zoo-and-barbecue day with friends, birthday cake, ice-cream birthday cake, going on a Ferris wheel, my first 4th of July 💥, American grocery stores (the abundant overwhelm!), swimming in Walden Pond, celebrating our wonderful friends’ wedding, going on a pirate ship around Boston Harbour and generally having *so much fun*. Remember fun? I’m a fan.

Mostly, though, hugs and chats in kitchens.

It wasn’t nearly enough time. I miss my friends horribly. It’s very cold. And I have over 100 emails waiting for my attention…. But the glow of this holiday will keep me warm for weeks to come 🔥❤️


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