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The most important thing…

… In life is your health, right? Then why is it that we don’t notice how important it is till it’s gone on holiday?

I have been feeling under the weather this week. Poorly. Unwell. I have a mild case of mastitis and a severe case of feeling sorry for myself and it blows me away that last week – and the week before, and the week before, and all the many weeks I’ve been feeling well and not taking antibiotics – I didn’t notice. But that’s life, isn’t it?I mean, you shouldn’t feel too sorry for me. I’ve managed to walk on the beach before work three times this week (my new and beautiful routine on days I work from home). I went out for a very fun dinner with two mom friends last night. I’ve got a lot of work done. But over everything there’s this pall, a fogginess from my body fighting off infection.

And then I think – thank heavens my body can fight off infection! Thank heavens I can afford the doctor and the medication! Thank heavens.

And I suppose the reason I wasn’t appreciating my wellness last week was because I was grappling with how to make my toddler happy, or how to fit all my work into a working day, or why my baby was waking in the night, or how to find some alone time to restore my sanity (fixed that one, at least). Life has so many facets that health becomes a background hum when it’s going well. It’s only when it isn’t going well that we notice it.

But I would like to suggest (to myself, ha!) that a slice of joy in every day can be feeling well. Just a moment to notice, and appreciate, the delicious ordinariness of good health. A few deep breaths, a quiet smile, a soft “thank you”.

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