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Three surprise gifts in the midst of uncertainty

In the midst of pretty profound uncertainty, yesterday offered three surprise gifts.

  • This beautiful bunch of flowers from a sweet friend, that unfurled and blossomed as the day passed.
  • This wonderful Inspired Change journal from another sweet friend, that arrived on my desk unannounced and hints at a future of balance and mindfulness.
  • And the surprising joy of a Publishers Weekly review of The Grief Handbook.

This is thrilling not only because they only review a quarter of the books they’re sent, so it’s a real honour, but also because it means that The Grief Handbook is about to become a reality. Nine weeks till it’s out! Time to get busy with my extremely long To Do List before publication.

My dad is still in ICU, still on oxygen (though less than before). The choice seems to be to sit in a tangled knot of worry, or to move forward in the hope that things will work out… I’m choosing the latter. And recognizing that even in the most uncertain of days, there are beautiful little slices of joy.

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