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What I’m grateful for (right now):

Because I just skimmed an article that said when you’re feeling kind of grouchy (which I am, for no particular reason other than Monday morning drudge that is too boring to detail) the best way to snap out of it is to summon some gratitude. So here’s mine, in no particular order:

* Health! Good health. I am not sick or in pain in any way, and that is something to be grateful for every single minute of every single day.

* A healthy family – not only my sweet boy and girl, but my lovely husband, and my parents and brothers and their families. Again, not something I think of day to day, but the greatest gift of them all.

* A sunshiney day outside, with a soft warm breeze.

* When Ella is really happy about something, she’ll smile and stick her tongue out at the same time. It is ridiculously cute.

* Arthur and I have ‘special time’ every day when he gets home from school (half an hour to read books and cuddle or play with my old ViewMaster, which he loves). I started it so that he wouldn’t act up when I have to give his sister special time by, you know, breastfeeding. But it’s become really special for me too.

* Chocolate. Always and forever. Also: perfectly brewed cups of tea.

* The fact that, at nearly-35, I have some of the greatest girlfriends a woman could hope for, all going through similar things in life and love. A real blessing every day.

* Reading books. It’s always been my favourite thing to do, and in the last few months of not-enough-sleep, it’s stuck with me as the best way to spend any time I get to myself.

* Our garden. The last two weekends we haven’t made many plans specifically so that we can work in the garden and get it ready for the winter rains which will hopefully (please God!) come soon… It has been such a joy digging and laying wood chip and planting and weeding and seeing our sand dune of a garden transform under our hands.

* My work situation. I only work half days so that I can spend every afternoon with the kids. And while some days the afternoon work is harder than the morning work (see: two kids teething at once, which is ongoing!) I am so deeply grateful for the ability to have this flexibility at this time in my life.

* Modern Love: the podcast. I’ve got a week of meetings ahead, which means a week of commuting (I know: the fact that I’m complaining about this shows how lucky I am!) Modern Love the podcast will get me through all the car time in my imminent future…

* Having a partner in life. Mark and I met when I was too young to consider not finding the right person to walk through life with (I was 24, he was 28) but I am struck, with each passing year, how lucky we are to have found each other. Walking this life: this parenthood, sleepless nights, new homeowners, pretending to be grown-ups, figuring out careers, dealing with health and family and friends and everything that comes with it life, is so much more beautiful because he is in it.

What are you grateful for right now?

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