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What support looks like to me

What does support look like to you?

To me, it looks like hugs. Messages just to check in, even when there’s nothing new to report. Flowers dropped off to brighten a grey day. Homemade choc chip cookies. Distraction. Dinner. Three friends arriving on my doorstep with plants and bubbly and delicious food to garden with me, because that’s all I felt up to doing.

For so long, I thought that the right thing – the brave thing – to do when you were struggling was to suffer in silence. To suck it up and forge ahead. It has been such a relief to discover that actually, if you speak up and share how you’re feeling, you can be lifted up by those around you. Honestly, it feels miraculous to me – like being lifted on the hands of angels. Who knew there was such kindness and beauty in the world?

I woke up today feeling bummed… Exhausted by the emotional tension of uncertainty. I am ending it feeling supported, able to look ahead with a little more lightness. What more could anyone ask for from a day?

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