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A delicious little snack plate slice of joy

I love cheese. The thing I miss most about living in America (apart from my friends, of course) is the heavenly cottage cheese. Buffalo mozzarella makes my heart sing.

So when I saw an elderly gentleman in a churrasqueira yesterday tucking into a little soft cheese (first carefully salting it, then dousing it in olive oil and white vinegar) I sat up and took notice… And hunted it down.

This glorious cheese is called queijo fresco and I intend eating two every day I’m in Portugal… Accompanied by fresh vine tomatoes (is there anything better than the smell of the vine when you pluck a tomato? I think not.)

After a busy day of presenting at the IDF conference, this little snack plate was a total slice of joy and balm to my soul. Yes, I love cheese that much!!


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